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  • Intro to Layering Part 2:  Versatile Sends

    Date: July 16, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Cost: $40 for members, $80 for non-members Course description: This workshop will explore some of today’s newer concepts and send lines in […]

  • Intro to Layering Part 1: Crushing the Pillbug

    Date: July 1, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Cost: $40 for members, $80 for non-members Course description: This workshop presents course material that was developed by the instructor for Susan […]

  • Sarah Low

    Sarah Low

    I got my first Belgian Sheepdog in 1995 and have since been hooked on showing and training Belgians. I have trained, competed and titled in conformation, obedience, rally and agility. […]

  • Adele Yunck Seminar June 24 / 25

    More information about seminar and registration available at this link ORT Prep Workshop Tuesday, June 13 6pm-9pm

  • Advanced Contacts Work Group

    Advanced Contacts Work Group

    Course building begins at 7 p.m. Class begins at 7:30.  Length:  Eight weeks Recommended for: 1 year and older  CGC for dogs older than 1 year. Dogs should be working safely […]

  • Upcoming Events

    Upcoming Events

  • What classes are offered?

    DTCCU offers a wide variety of training classes at its local facility. Classes in basic canine manners (the foundation courses in puppy kindergarten, puppy elementary, home companion and performance basics) […]

  • General Membership Meeting

    Tuesday, August 9, 2022 7pm

  • Board Meeting

    Tuesday, August 9, 2022 6pm

  • Brittany Ashmore

    Brittany Ashmore

    Brittany has been working with dogs most of her life from volunteering at the Champaign county humane society as a child and now at a dog sanctuary for special needs […]

  • Jane Billman

    Jane Billman

    I’ve loved animals since I was a kid and had a Collie and cats and goldfish. For the past 25 years, I’ve had Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers (Tollers), which […]

  • Linda Blan

    I started training my own dogs in 1993 starting with a Great Pyrenees. I have owned several different types of dogs in addition to the Pyrenees including all americans, Labrador, […]

  • Carolyn Brown

    Carolyn Brown

    I have been training standard poodles since 1983. Currently I share my home with one standard poodle.  I have been a member of Dog Training Club since 2015.

  • Patty Brewster

    Patty Brewster

    I used to be an equine professional training horses in dressage and show jumping as well as giving lessons for 20 years. In 2008 I started training my late Jack […]

  • Mary Davis

    Mary Davis

    I started dog training as a 4-H youth 40+ years ago and have had a lead in my hand and a dog by my side ever since. My performance event […]

  • Deb DiPietro

    Deb DiPietro

    I’ve been training my dogs since about 2008, titling to a UD in obedience with my Novice A dog, and a RAE in rally before master and RACH were added.  […]

  • Angie Froman

    Angie Froman

    I started dog training when I was 11 years old with a papillon and showed her in 4-H. After college I became interested in agility. I have been showing my […]

  • Lola Heim

    Lola Heim

    I have loved dogs my entire life . I have had purebred and rescue dogs. I started at DTCCU after getting a rescue Rottweiler mix puppy that we entered in […]

  • Corbyn Giers

    Corbyn Giers

    I was born into a dog family, as my mother bred American cocker spaniels from before I was born, and also had pet dachshunds. As a young teenager, I found […]

  • Robin Haggard

    Robin Haggard

    I have been training dogs for over 50 years and been breeding Alaskan Malamutes since 1963. I have taught Puppy Kindergarten at DTCCU for over 30 years. Courses Taught Puppy […]

  • Stephanie Joos

    Stephanie Joos

    I’ve been training dogs for 37 years. I currently own 6 dogs all of which have titles in various venues. Have been a member of the Dog Training Club of […]

  • Karen Kramer

    Karen Kramer

    After many years of rescuing dogs,  both through transporting dogs from high kill shelters to the north and running my own shelter at my home, I joined DTCCU and began […]

  • Denise Langendorf

    Denise Langendorf

    I came to DTCCU 5 years ago with a young Vizsla. I had no idea what dog competition was. I had shown in 4H over 40 years ago but nothing […]

  • Joyce Latham

    Joyce Latham

    Joyce M. Latham began dog training in AKC obedience back in the 1980s with a wonderful “goose pit” yellow Labrador from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Brandy.  Joyce promised Brandy […]

  • Kathie Lawrence

    Kathie Lawrence

    I have had Scottish terriers for over 50 years, a few other breeds have slipped in along the way. Training and management are key to keeping a harmonious household with […]

  • Laurie Lobdell

    Laurie Lobdell

    I started obedience training with my first dog Ziggy a Miniature Schnauzer many years ago, he earned his CD. I then trained my second Miniature Schnauzer Hannah and she earned […]

  • Sara Moshage

    Sara Moshage

    Although I grew up with dogs on our family farm, I didn’t take my first training class until 2019. I loved how much fun my dog was having in “school” and how […]

  • Lisa Ochoa

    Lisa Ochoa

    I got my first dog to train and show in 1963, and never looked back. Since then, I have trained and shown dogs of a variety of different breeds and […]

  • Christel Powell

    Christel Powell

    I started with my Gordon Setter Toby in Puppy Elementary 17 years ago and have been here ever since. He was my first performance dog and we enjoyed the process […]

  • Hanna Rao

    Hanna Rao

    I have been a member of DTCCU since 2005. In my professional life I have a PhD in biochemistry and work as a research scientist at the university of IL, […]

  • Deb Sauberli

    I enrolled in my first class at DTCCU in the early 2000s. My first home companion teacher, Lisa Ochoa, was a superb instructor and encouraged me to continue with more […]

  • Barb Scanlan

    Barb Scanlan

    I always loved dogs. I always wanted to train a dog and got that opportunity when I signed up for a Home Companion class at DTCCU over 20 years ago […]

  • Alicia Schafroth

    Alicia Schafroth

    I was introduced to dog obedience training when I was about 5 years old, when I would accompany my father to classes for our Labrador. A few years later we […]

  • Dave Stone

    Dave Stone

    I began training at the club in 1982 with my gordon setter puppy, Jackson. I’m blessed with a spouse who I met at the club a year later, who shares […]

  • Marian Stone

    Marian Stone

    I started obedience class with our family German Shepherd, Inca, as a 4-H project over 50 years ago. I showed multiple German Shepherds in obedience, conformation and tracking and then […]

  • Duane Walton

    Duane Walton

    Duane has trained dogs for over 45 years. He is one of the founding members of the Dog Training Club of Champaign-Urbana; has instructed many club obedience classes, from Home […]

  • Jessica Wedow

    Jessica Wedow

    Jess’s love of dogs and dog training started young with her family Schipperke. She currently has a Miniature American Shepherd and a Pembroke Corgi. Jess loves the nerdy aspects of […]

  • Jenna Zeidler

    Jenna Zeidler

    I started in dog sports as a 4-Her when I was 11 years old, competing in obedience and showmanship with a Rat Terrier and a Doberman. Since that time, I […]

  • Cindy Ziegler

    Cindy Ziegler

    I  have been working with dogs for the past 15 years, mostly herding and sporting dogs. Currently have two German shepherds, Garnet and Gretchen,  both have their CGC and  Novice […]

  • Beginner Novice

    Beginner Novice

    Expanding on skills taught in Home Companion. Required prior to Novice Obedience or Agility Prep.

  • Beginner Novice/Novice

    Beginner Novice/Novice

    Learn the skills necessary to compete in Beginner Novice and Novice Obedience.  Heel on and off leash, front and finish, stand or sit for exam, recall, sit-stay, and down-stay will […]

  • Novice Obedience

    Novice Obedience

    The Novice class will prepare dogs and handlers to compete in AKC Novice level obedience. All Novice exercises will be refined and handling skills will be emphasized. This class will […]

  • Open Obedience

    Open Obedience

    This class introduces teaching and training methods for the Open Obedience exercises: heeling (off lead); drop on recall; dumb-bell retrieve; high jump; broad jump; signal exercises; stand stay – get […]

  • Open / Utility Basics

    Open / Utility Basics

    If you have never taught a dog the skills required for Open and Utility, or if you are an experienced trainer with a green dog, this is the place to […]

  • Open / Utility Advanced

    Open / Utility Advanced

    Handlers should have already begun to train the exercises for Open and Utility before taking this class.  Exercises will be further polished and proofed as you prepare for competition.  Prerequisite:  […]

  • Utility Obedience

    Utility Obedience

    Utility exercises include the signal exercise, scent articles, directed retrieve, moving stand and exam, and directed jumping.  Teaching methods will depend on the individual instructor, but experienced students are encouraged […]

  • Performance Basics

    Performance Basics

    Basic obedience skills with introduction to Obedience, Rally and Agility

  • Obedience Foundations

    Obedience Foundations

    In this class the foundational skills for competitive obedience will be taught. We will address the most difficult parts of the most difficult obedience exercises, novice through utility, and teach […]

  • Foundation Games for Performance Dogs

    Foundation Games for Performance Dogs

    Learn strategies to bring out the best in your dog and strengthen your relationship. If you are new to dog sports, this class will give you a head start when […]

  • Baby Steps: Introduction to Heeling

    Baby Steps: Introduction to Heeling

    This is a beginning-level course meant to serve as a bridge between Home Companion courses, in which dogs learn general manners skills, and beginning obedience courses, where formal heeling is […]

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