Deb Sauberli

I enrolled in my first class at DTCCU in the early 2000s. My first home companion teacher, Lisa Ochoa, was a superb instructor and encouraged me to continue with more classes.  My Novice A dog achieved his CDX, Rally Advanced, Excellent Agility Jumpers and Excellent [Standard] Agility titles. All with the help of the great founding members and instructors of this club.

I have assisted with many classes at DTCCU during my membership-home companion, obedience, agility, and puppy kindergarten classes.  I have learned and grown in my training abilities by assisting with classes and would encourage anyone wanting to learn and grow in their training skills to assist with classes.  There is something to be learned from everyone. During the last several years I have mainly been involved in teaching agility classes.

I have trained 4 dogs while a member of DTCCU earning the titles of MACH, PACH, PAX, UD and RE.  My basic training philosophy is to teach solid, basic foundation skills, especially attention, and have fun doing it.  Solid fundamental skills make building higher levels more enduring and more facile. And I think a happy dog is always a faster and more fun dog to train.

About me, I am a veterinarian.  I have a master’s degree in veterinary clinical medicine [reproduction] and I am board certified in theriogenology [animal reproduction]. I have practiced small animal, mixed, and equine medicine during my career and was a clinical assistant professor at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine for 15 years before I decide to venture back into private practice.  Currently I own a mobile veterinary practice primarily specializing in reproduction of dogs and horses. Being a veterinarian has given me insight concerning the human interaction with animals and I realize and respect that everyone has their own goals and abilities.