The registration cost for an 8-week class is $120 and the cost for a 4-week class (or workshop) is $60. Agility classes are 6 weeks which each class runs for 1 1/2 hours.

Nosework for Newbies

Get started learning the fundamentals of nose work (a.k.a. scent work) in this class.  We will introduce dogs to odor using a series of games to make it easy for them to understand.  We’ll also cover proper handling of odor, equipment, leash handling, and some scent theory.  Students will need to purchase some supplies before class.  A small fee ($1-$3) will be charged for a starter odor kit with birch q-tips. 

Prerequisite: none.  Dogs of all ages (12 weeks to senior) are welcome.

Class is limited to 7 dog/handler teams.

Length of classes: 8 weeks