Hanna Rao

I have been a member of DTCCU since 2005. In my professional life I have a PhD in biochemistry and work as a research scientist at the university of IL, but my favorite pass time is dog training. I enjoy all aspects of dog training, from the behavioral modification work I’ve done with my various rescue dogs through the years, to many different competitive dog sports. My favorite of these is competitive obedience. 

I love teaching dog training. I think of it as quality time that you get to spend with your dog. The goal of good training is to allow you and your dog to understand one another better. 

I am also an avid dog training student. I am always searching out new methods and techniques for teaching dogs. I believe there are a dozen different ways to teach a dog any given behavior. Each of these ways has its own pros and cons. I take great pains to teach each of my dogs in a completely different way so that I can compare different methods and have a sense for which dogs they will work best. I believe that adjusting training methods to the needs of your particular dog makes dog training more seamless for both of you. 

I look forward to meeting you, if you see me at the club please say hi.