The registration cost for an 8-week class is $120 and the cost for a 4-week class (or workshop) is $60. Agility classes are 6 weeks which each class runs for 1 1/2 hours.

Nose Work for Newbies 2

Nose Work for Newbies 2

This class begins where Nose Work for Newbies left off.  We’ll continue to build nose work skills on containers and interiors, plus introduce vehicles and exterior searches.  At the end of the session dogs will be working with birch, anise, and clove.  Students should have an odor kit for at home training – q-tips, oils, odor containers (tins, tubes, etc), and a 10 foot leash.

Prerequisite:  Nose Work for Newbies 1 or equivalent and permission of instructor.  Dogs must be fluent on birch odor.  

Class limit: 7 dogs

Length of classes: 8 weeks