The registration cost for an 8-week class is $120 and the cost for a 4-week class (or workshop) is $60.


Treibball, or urban herding, is a new dog sport that is growing in popularity.  It is suitable for all ages and breeds of dogs, and can be played in any large grassy area.  The goal of treibball is for the handler and the dog to work as a team. From a distance the handler directs the dog to go around a set of large balls and then push them into a goal one by one. Distance, time, and the number of balls are some of the variables in the game.  In this class you will learn the fundamental skills required for treibball.  None are difficult to teach, and with the addition of distance and control are very impressive to see.  By the end of class your dog should be able to push a ball a distance of fifteen feet into a goal.  Classes will meet both indoors and outdoors, depending on the skills being taught each week.  

Prerequisite: One or more of the following classes – Foundation Games, Performance Basics, Agility Prep, or permission of instructor.  Previous experience with shaping behaviors (clicker training) will be helpful.  Dogs must be able to work comfortably around other dogs and focus on the handler.

dog with ball