Dave Stone

I began training at the club in 1982 with my gordon setter puppy, Jackson. I’m blessed with a spouse who I met at the club a year later, who shares my interests in dog training. Our household grew to include another gordon setter, german shepherds, a flat-coated retriever, german shorthaired pointers, border terriers, several mixes, a chihuahua, and numerous border collies. We’ve been fortunate to be involved in border collie rescue, and rescues of all breeds hold a special place in my heart,

Each dog came with its own aptitudes and interests, which has allowed me to train and title dogs in obedience, conformation, flyball, terrier trials, agility, tracking, and nosework. My current training interests are in nose-related sports, which blend dog training, science, and natural abilities together in ways I find absolutely amazing. I am currently competing at the Elite level in NACSW nosework with my rescue border collie Belle, pictured. I’m also a member of the McLean County Emergency Management Agency’s K9 Operations Team, training my retirement gift to myself, a border collie puppy named Ry, as a human remains detection (HRD) dog.