Category: Instructors

  • Sarah Low

    Sarah Low

    I got my first Belgian Sheepdog in 1995 and have since been hooked on showing and training Belgians. I have trained, competed and titled in conformation, obedience, rally and agility. […]

  • Brittany Ashmore

    Brittany Ashmore

    Brittany has been working with dogs most of her life from volunteering at the Champaign county humane society as a child and now at a dog sanctuary for special needs […]

  • Jane Billman

    Jane Billman

    I’ve loved animals since I was a kid and had a Collie and cats and goldfish. For the past 25 years, I’ve had Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers (Tollers), which […]

  • Linda Blan

    I started training my own dogs in 1993 starting with a Great Pyrenees. I have owned several different types of dogs in addition to the Pyrenees including all americans, Labrador, […]

  • Carolyn Brown

    Carolyn Brown

    I have been training standard poodles since 1983. Currently I share my home with one standard poodle.  I have been a member of Dog Training Club since 2015.

  • Patty Brewster

    Patty Brewster

    I used to be an equine professional training horses in dressage and show jumping as well as giving lessons for 20 years. In 2008 I started training my late Jack […]

  • Mary Davis

    Mary Davis

    I started dog training as a 4-H youth 40+ years ago and have had a lead in my hand and a dog by my side ever since. My performance event […]

  • Deb DiPietro

    Deb DiPietro

    I’ve been training my dogs since about 2008, titling to a UD in obedience with my Novice A dog, and a RAE in rally before master and RACH were added.  […]

  • Angie Froman

    Angie Froman

    I started dog training when I was 11 years old with a papillon and showed her in 4-H. After college I became interested in agility. I have been showing my […]

  • Lola Heim

    Lola Heim

    I have loved dogs my entire life . I have had purebred and rescue dogs. I started at DTCCU after getting a rescue Rottweiler mix puppy that we entered in […]

  • Corbyn Giers

    Corbyn Giers

    I was born into a dog family, as my mother bred American cocker spaniels from before I was born, and also had pet dachshunds. As a young teenager, I found […]

  • Robin Haggard

    Robin Haggard

    I have been training dogs for over 50 years and been breeding Alaskan Malamutes since 1963. I have taught Puppy Kindergarten at DTCCU for over 30 years. Courses Taught Puppy […]

  • Stephanie Joos

    Stephanie Joos

    I’ve been training dogs for 37 years. I currently own 6 dogs all of which have titles in various venues. Have been a member of the Dog Training Club of […]

  • Karen Kramer

    Karen Kramer

    After many years of rescuing dogs,  both through transporting dogs from high kill shelters to the north and running my own shelter at my home, I joined DTCCU and began […]

  • Denise Langendorf

    Denise Langendorf

    I came to DTCCU 5 years ago with a young Vizsla. I had no idea what dog competition was. I had shown in 4H over 40 years ago but nothing […]

  • Joyce Latham

    Joyce Latham

    Joyce M. Latham began dog training in AKC obedience back in the 1980s with a wonderful “goose pit” yellow Labrador from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Brandy.  Joyce promised Brandy […]

  • Kathie Lawrence

    Kathie Lawrence

    I have had Scottish terriers for over 50 years, a few other breeds have slipped in along the way. Training and management are key to keeping a harmonious household with […]

  • Laurie Lobdell

    Laurie Lobdell

    I started obedience training with my first dog Ziggy a Miniature Schnauzer many years ago, he earned his CD. I then trained my second Miniature Schnauzer Hannah and she earned […]

  • Sara Moshage

    Sara Moshage

    Although I grew up with dogs on our family farm, I didn’t take my first training class until 2019. I loved how much fun my dog was having in “school” and how […]

  • Lisa Ochoa

    Lisa Ochoa

    I got my first dog to train and show in 1963, and never looked back. Since then, I have trained and shown dogs of a variety of different breeds and […]

  • Christel Powell

    Christel Powell

    I started with my Gordon Setter Toby in Puppy Elementary 17 years ago and have been here ever since. He was my first performance dog and we enjoyed the process […]

  • Hanna Rao

    Hanna Rao

    I have been a member of DTCCU since 2005. In my professional life I have a PhD in biochemistry and work as a research scientist at the university of IL, […]

  • Deb Sauberli

    I enrolled in my first class at DTCCU in the early 2000s. My first home companion teacher, Lisa Ochoa, was a superb instructor and encouraged me to continue with more […]

  • Barb Scanlan

    Barb Scanlan

    I always loved dogs. I always wanted to train a dog and got that opportunity when I signed up for a Home Companion class at DTCCU over 20 years ago […]

  • Alicia Schafroth

    Alicia Schafroth

    I was introduced to dog obedience training when I was about 5 years old, when I would accompany my father to classes for our Labrador. A few years later we […]

  • Dave Stone

    Dave Stone

    I began training at the club in 1982 with my gordon setter puppy, Jackson. I’m blessed with a spouse who I met at the club a year later, who shares […]

  • Marian Stone

    Marian Stone

    I started obedience class with our family German Shepherd, Inca, as a 4-H project over 50 years ago. I showed multiple German Shepherds in obedience, conformation and tracking and then […]

  • Duane Walton

    Duane Walton

    Duane has trained dogs for over 45 years. He is one of the founding members of the Dog Training Club of Champaign-Urbana; has instructed many club obedience classes, from Home […]

  • Jessica Wedow

    Jessica Wedow

    Jess’s love of dogs and dog training started young with her family Schipperke. She currently has a Miniature American Shepherd and a Pembroke Corgi. Jess loves the nerdy aspects of […]

  • Jenna Zeidler

    Jenna Zeidler

    I started in dog sports as a 4-Her when I was 11 years old, competing in obedience and showmanship with a Rat Terrier and a Doberman. Since that time, I […]

  • Cindy Ziegler

    Cindy Ziegler

    I  have been working with dogs for the past 15 years, mostly herding and sporting dogs. Currently have two German shepherds, Garnet and Gretchen,  both have their CGC and  Novice […]