Deb DiPietro

I’ve been training my dogs since about 2008, titling to a UD in obedience with my Novice A dog, and a RAE in rally before master and RACH were added.  Since then my dogs have earned titles in obedience, rally, tricks, nose work, treibball, and an ACT 1 in agility – so far.  I began teaching classes in 2010 at Oak Ridge Kennel Club in Tennessee and was Director of Training there for two years before I moved to Champaign in 2018.  I’ve taught all levels of obedience from Beginner Novice through Utility.  I’ve also developed and taught a variety of other classes, including nose work, Foundation Games, Clicker Games, Heeling Games, Ring Readiness, treibball, and platform training.  My former career as a naturalist involved recruiting and training staff and volunteers, as well as developing and teaching programs, workshops, and special events for all ages.  Those skills transferred easily to my current passion for training dogs and the people who love them.  My teaching style is influenced heavily by Denise Fenzi, Susan Garrett, Janice Gunn, and Michele Pouliot.