Marian Stone

I started obedience class with our family German Shepherd, Inca, as a 4-H project over 50 years ago. I showed multiple German Shepherds in obedience, conformation and tracking and then I acquired a Keeshond. Training a different breed opened a whole new world for me as I learned dog’s personalities and they way they learn, are as different as their appearances and their life experiences. I am currently working with two Border Collies, but I have been owned and loved by many, many different breeds. 

I have trained and shown dogs in obedience, tracking, nosework, earthdog, retriever tests, flyball and conformation but my passion is tracking. I am now a provisional AKC tracking judge and am training my newest dog, a Border Collie named Zip, for Search and Rescue work as a trailing dog.

Training techniques have changed tremendously since my 4-H class long, long ago. I now use primarily positive reinforcement techniques though I do not claim to be 100% positive in my training.