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Scent Work Intro

By on Feb 28, 2018 in Classes, Special Classes |

Scent Work is the latest craze, because it’s FUN!  It’s also a great confidence builder as it requires the dog to lead the way.  The goal of this course is to introduce dogs to birch odor using a series of games (we do NOT search for food or pair odor and food).  We’ll also touch on proper handling of odor, equipment and leash handling and the importance of odor obedience.  By the end of class, most teams who practice regularly between class should be ready for their NACSW Birch ORT or to begin in Novice AKC Scent Work Containers. $5 supply fee.  Each student will receive a starter kit with Birch...

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Beginner Novice /Rally Skills Combo Class

By on Feb 27, 2015 in Classes, Special Classes |

This class will be 4 weeks of beginner novice followed by 4 weeks of rally skills. This class will prepare you to take competition rally or novice. It will prepare you to compete in AKC beginner novice class, and it is a great supplement or preparation for agility prep, allowing you and your dog work though more advance obedience and handling skills.

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Daisy Peel On-line Agility Class

By on Jul 15, 2014 in Special Classes |

This class will follow the Daisy Peel monthly agility lessons. Each week there is a short course together with three proposed running sequences. For each of the sequences Daisy provides two videos: (1) an analysis of various possible ways to handle parts of the course and (2) demonstrations of how she and one of her dogs run the suggested strategies described in the analysis. Cost: Because we are using materials prepared by Daisy, class participation requires registration for the online class. There are three levels to register for the online course. Observer $49 — access to the materials Spectator $89 — access to materials + ability to ask Daisy questions on line Participant $129 — access to materials + ability to ask Daisy questions on line + send her videos of your runs In addition to the cost to access the online materials, you must also register for the class and pay the DTCCU course fee. Background in Awesome Paws Handling strongly recommended: Daisy Peel trained with Linda Mecklenberg who developed the Awesome Paws handling method so all of the sessions are based on this handling style. The book that outlines the basics of this approach can be seen by  following this link. Class size: Maximum 5 dogs To read more about Daisy and the online classroom go to her website and click the last tab on the top.:...

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By on Mar 25, 2014 in Classes, Special Classes |

Flyball is a fast paced, exciting team, dog sport. Four dogs compete on a team, relay style retrieving tennis balls from a spring-loaded flyball box. Races are run head to head against another line-up of four dogs on an opposing team. For more information about flyball racing, you can visit Participants will learn the flyball pattern from start to finish. The end goal will be a dog that is able to compete in local tournaments and perform at local demos. Classes will be run in a drop-in format, participants will work at their own level and progress as they master individual skills from week to week. We will break down the different skills involved and teach them individually. When a dog is successfully completing all skills individually, the skills are then combined. By breaking down the game, we can achieve success in small exercises and create a positive, successful learning environment as we progress from beginner to seasoned competitor. Each participant will come in and work multiple times during a class. The format will be very similar to a flyball team practice, dogs at many different skill levels will all work on in turn. By participating in the entire practice, handlers get the opportunity to see dogs at different levels in their training. Handlers also get valuable hands-on experience. It takes a team to build a successful flyball dog. Any dog can play in flyball, both pure bred and mixed breed dogs are successful. Register...

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Puppy Kindergarten

By on Mar 25, 2014 in Classes, Puppy Classes |

This course for puppies from 8 to 12 weeks old helps socialize young pups to humans and other dogs, as well as to different environments. Puppies learn basic commands using positive reinforcement, and many exercises are designed to help the owners and their human family establish themselves as the pack leaders. The goal of this course is to establish a trust and communication bond between the pups and their owners that will lay the foundation for all future training. Course length: 8 weeks Rescue dogs (from a shelter or other rescue organization) get a 20% discount on their first class. Please bring adoption papers to the first class. Register online Non-Member class fees: $100.00 for the first session of class with this dog $55.00 for subsequent sessions with the same...

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Open/Utility Concepts

By on Apr 15, 2014 in Classes, Special Classes |

DOR, stays, signals, moving stand, directed & broad jump This class will focus on perfecting the stationary positions; sit, down, and stand and all the ways these three positions are applied in Open and Utility level obedience. Including: drop on recall, out of site stays, signals, and moving stand and exam. This class will also teach and perfect all types of jumping applicable to Open and Utility level obedience. Including; directed jumping over high and bar jump and the broad jump Open exercise. This class is great for students just teaching the exercises or for students trying to solidify the stationary position exercises for competition at either APDT L3 Rally, AKC Excellent Rally, Open or Utility level obedience. Register...

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Utility Concepts

By on Apr 15, 2014 in Classes, Special Classes |

Utility exercises are FUN for dog and handler – distance work, scent work, jumping, running! There is no reason to wait till after your dog finishes open to start teaching utility exercises. This class will focus on the Fundamental Skills to Build Glove, Go-Out, and Scent Discrimination. Whether you are just starting out or looking to sharpen your dogs skills this is the class for you. This class will focus on: Identify all components of complete exercise Core Progression for Gloves (for marked retrieve and directed signal retrieve) Core Progression for Go-Outs (for directed jumping and signal retrieve) Core Progression for Scent Discrimination (Connie Cleveland’s Cookie Tin method will be taught — No Retrieve required !) This class will also be full of games to improve your dogs focus, attention, and attitude. Examples include recall games, fronts, finishes, pivots, rev up games, retrieve (take/ hold/out/recall with retrieve object) This class will: Use common household objects Use targets with treats Use platform/mat/go-out box Register...

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Puppy Elementary

By on Mar 24, 2014 in Classes, Puppy Classes |

Puppy Elementary is designed for dogs under 7 months of age who have either completed Puppy Kindergarten or are a little too old to play with those youngsters. Goals and activities are much the same as in Puppy Kindergarten. Rescue dogs (from a shelter or other rescue organization) get a 20% discount on their first class. Please bring adoption papers to the first class. Register online Non-Member class fees: $100.00 for the first session of class with this dog $55.00 for subsequent sessions with the same...

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Rally Skills

By on Mar 25, 2014 in Classes, Rally |

Perfect pivots, off leash heeling, directed jumping? The rally skills class will teach you and your dog all the doodling skills needed to be successful in all levels of Rally. The focus of this class will be on the dog’s body awareness, accuracy, and fun rather than signs and courses. The Rally skills class is also a wonderful supplement to any obedience class. Specific obedience skills such as off-leash heeling, jumping (including directed jumping) and beginning retrieve will be taught. The class will also focus lots of time on perfecting pivoting, heeling, turns, and other doodling maneuvers. After completing the rally skills class students will be ready to enroll in Competition Rally class where they will learn rally signs and practice courses. Register...

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