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  • Tracking Games for the Big City!

    Class focus will be on articles, starts, corners, and transitions, with an emphasis on, but not limited to, urban tracking.  Students should be working at the intermediate level and need […]

  • Out and About Nosework Practice Group

    Each week you’ll travel to a new location to practice your skills, gain confidence in new environments, and learn from observing other teams. NACSW odor will be used. Be prepared […]

  • Nose Work for Newbies 2

    Nose Work for Newbies 2

    Nose Work for Newbies 2 This class begins where Nose Work for Newbies left off.  We’ll continue to build nose work skills on containers and interiors, plus introduce vehicles and […]

  • Nosework for Newbies

    Nosework for Newbies

    Get started learning the fundamentals of nose work (a.k.a. scent work) in this class.  We will introduce dogs to odor using a series of games to make it easy for […]

  • Nosework Skills Challenge

    Nosework Skills Challenge

    For four weeks, we will focus on the training and handling required to successfully navigate and complete the 2022 NACSW Skills Achievement Challenges. For complete information on the challenges: https://nacsw.net/challenges […]

  • NoseWork Tune- Up!

    NoseWork Tune- Up!

    This four week, between-trial seasons, class is appropriate for all dogs competing in any nosework/scentwork venue who are competent in anise, birch, and clove at an ORT level or equivalent, […]

  • Intermediate Tracking

    Intermediate Tracking

    This class is for dogs that can do a track that includes at least two corners. By the end of the class, it is hoped dog-handler teams will be able […]

  • Handler Scent Discrimination

    Handler Scent Discrimination

    Learn the Utility Scent Discrimination Exercise using Connie Cleveland’s cookie tin method.  The retrieve is taught separately and added after the dog is solidly indicating handler scent among a group […]

  • Introductory Tracking

    Introductory Tracking

    In AKC tracking dogs are trained to follow the scent of a someone other their handler and to recover articles the tracklayer has placed on the track. The lenght of the track, the type of cover, how old the track is, the types of distractions and the number of articles to be recovered, vary depending…

  • Scentwork


    Scent Work is the latest craze, because it’s FUN!  It’s also a great confidence builder as it requires the dog to lead the way.  The goal of this course is […]