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  • Intro to ISC Workshop: Level 1 Course

    Intro to ISC Workshop: Level 1 Course

    Cost: $40 or one DTCCU class card Workshop date: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., April 20 DTCCU Outside Ring. Inside if weather does not cooperate. Instructors: Barbara Scanlan and Mary […]

  • Fun with German Turns

    Fun with German Turns

    Cost: $40 for DTCCU members, $80 for non-members Fun you say? Yes!  Terms used in International-style agility can sound intimidating. But when you start step-by-step, you can find the skill […]

  • Layering Part 4 Smooth Transitions

    Layering Part 4 Smooth Transitions

    Cost: $40 for DTCCU members, $80 for non-members The ability to send your dog past an obstacle to take one further away is an increasingly valuable skill. These days, opportunities […]

  • Masters Handling Workgroup

    Masters Handling Workgroup

    Rings 1, 2 and 3 Instructors: Barbara Scanlan and Wendy Woods Class limited to 7 participants This course will work on skills handling and training challenges common to AKC Agility […]

  • Contacts and Weaves

    Contacts and Weaves

    You and your dog will learn the basics of training contacts (teeter, dog walk, A frame) using the two-on-two-off method.  Running contacts will not be covered in this class.  You […]

  • Foundations for Agility

    Foundations for Agility

    Engagement, impulse control, body awareness, recall games, introduction to beginner agility equipment, and more will be included in this class.  All students who are new to agility must take this […]

  • Advanced Agility 2

    Advanced Agility 2

    Content of this class will continue development of complex skills learned in Advanced 1. Agility classes may be repeated once, if necessary.  If your dog has not learned the required […]

  • Intermediate Agility 2

    Intermediate Agility 2

    This class will add complexity to the skills learned in Intermediate 1.  Handling skills will focus on front cross, rear cross, post turns, sends, and multiple jumps.  All contacts will […]

  • Intermediate Agility 1

    Intermediate Agility 1

    In order to be successful in this class your dog must be able to work off lead, have a reliable stay, a release word, and recall to heel (both sides) […]

  • Advanced Agility 1

    Advanced Agility 1

    Prerequisite: Intermediate Agility 2 and instructor permission Agility students will be expected to comply with rules set by AKC, see the AKC handbook for reference.  Section 9. Collars. At the handler’s […]

  • Beginner Agility 2

    Beginner Agility 2

    You will continue to develop skills learned in Beginner 1, advancing to two jumps, rear cross, introducing weave poles, and beginning short sequences. Prerequisites:  Beginner Agility 1 and instructor permission […]

  • Beginner Agility 1

    Beginner Agility 1

    Dogs should be able to work off lead before taking this class.  Skills taught will focus on maneuvering low height contacts and jumps from short distances, learning to wrap jump […]