Tag: Obedience

  • Utility Basics

    Utility Basics

    This class will get you and your dog started learning the advanced obedience exercises in utility – signals, scent discrimination, directed retrieve, directed jumping, and moving stand.  You’ll learn pieces […]

  • Open / Utility Advanced

    Open / Utility Advanced

    Handlers should have already begun to train the exercises for Open and Utility before taking this class.  Exercises will be further polished and proofed as you prepare for competition.  Prerequisite:  […]

  • Open-Utility Basics

    Open-Utility Basics

    Open Basics in an intro class to the Open Exercises in Obedience. Advanced Obedience is taught in pieces and can be taught to the young dog .  The Open Exercises […]

  • Utility Obedience

    Utility Obedience

    Utility exercises include the signal exercise, scent articles, directed retrieve, moving stand and exam, and directed jumping.  Teaching methods will depend on the individual instructor, but experienced students are encouraged […]

  • Open Obedience

    Open Obedience

    This class introduces teaching and training methods for the Open Obedience exercises: heeling (off lead); drop on recall; dumb-bell retrieve; high jump; broad jump; signal exercises; stand stay – get […]

  • Novice Obedience

    Novice Obedience

    The Novice class will prepare dogs and handlers to compete in AKC Novice level obedience. All Novice exercises will be refined and handling skills will be emphasized. This class will […]