• Puppy Kindergarten is for for puppies from 8 to 12 weeks old
  • Puppy Elementary is for dogs under 7 months of age who have either completed Puppy Kindergarten or are a little too old to play with those youngsters.
  • Home Companion is for dogs that are at least 6 months old and are beginning their training.

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ClassInstructorTime and Location
Puppy Kindergarten
class full
Kathie Lawrence
Class starts: April 28
Wed 6pm in Ring 3
Puppy Elementary
class full
Linda GlynnClass starts: April 26
Mon 6pm in Ring 3
Puppy Elementary B
class full
Mary Davis/Bill DavisClass Starts: April 28
Wed 7pm
Home Companion A
class full
Denise Langendorf / Cindy ZieglerClass starts: April 28
Wed 6pm in Ring 2
Home Companion B
class full
Karen Kraemer/Deb DiPietroClass starts: April 27
Tues 10am in Ring 1
Home Companion C
class full
Stephanie JoosClass starts: April 25
Sun 6pm in Ring 1
Home Companion D
class full
Patti Brewster / Jenn WyattClass starts: April 26
Mon 7pm in Ring 3

Before registering for a class, please read the Participant Waiver (which you must read and agree to in order to register for a class).

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