Masters Handling Workgroup

This course will work on skills that will allow the team to work on handling challenges common to AKC Agility Excellent, Masters, Premier and ISC classes. As well as refining handling skills such as basic crosses and running lines, participants will also work on higher level skills such as backside sends, complex crosses, threadles, layering and difficult weave pole entries and exits. We will also continue to build independent performance of all obstacles while maintaining criteria.

Prerequisite: Teams should have well-defined stopped or running contact criteria at full-height competition level. Dogs should be experienced in driving toward targets and working with remote reinforcement. Teams should be able to send a dog to an obstacle from at least 5 feet, including to a backside of a jump.

The course is open to all graduates of the Advanced Handling and Contacts series, as well as past participants of International Skills, Layering and Threadles workshops at DTCCU.

Does my dog have to be trialing at Excellent/Masters level to join this group?

No! The goal of this class is to prepare for and improve on those skills needed to compete successfully at this level. If you’ve got good basic contacts and weaves and can direct your dog through a course with multiple side changes while staying connected with your dog, you should be ready for this class.

For questions regarding whether a team is prepared to take this class, please contact the instructor.