Layering Part 4 Smooth Transitions

Cost: $40 for DTCCU members, $80 for non-members

The ability to send your dog past an obstacle to take one further away is an increasingly valuable skill. These days, opportunities to use layering skills can be a benefit, not only in upper-level agility, but in Open and Novice level as well.

Being able to work your dog at a distance, as well as up close, builds your dog’s confidence and allows them to travel faster than if they need to run beside you. It’s a lot more fun for both you and your dog, too!

This course will focus on smooth transitions between obstacle focus (distance) and handler focus (working close).

Prerequisite: Dogs should be experienced in driving toward targets and working with remote reinforcement. Teams should be able to send a dog to an obstacle from at least 5 feet, including to a backside of a jump. Dogs should be safe working on and around full height contacts and 12 weave poles.

If you graduated the Advanced Handling and Contacts series, or are a past participant of International Skills, Layering and Threadles workshops at DTCCU, you should feel prepared to join this class.