Contacts and Weaves

You and your dog will learn the basics of training contacts (teeter, dog walk, A frame) using the two-on-two-off method.  Running contacts will not be covered in this class.  You will also earn the basics of training weave poles.  A variety of methods may be used, depending on the instructor.  Your dog should perform a stopped contact,  know how to enter the weaves and be making progress toward a straight line of six poles by the end of this class.  

Fast-paced, goal-oriented Weaves and Contacts class will require training sessions outside of class. Daily practice is best. Students will benefit from having access to basic equipment. Weaves homework relies on having access to channel or 2×2 weaves, whether at home or at the club. Having a travel plank or reasonable facsimile is suggested for completing Contacts homework assignments

NOTE:  You must complete this class before you can register for Intermediate 1.