The registration cost for an 8-week class is $120 and the cost for a 4-week class (or workshop) is $60.

Dogs should be able to work off lead before taking this class.  Skills taught will focus on maneuvering low height contacts and jumps from short distances, learning to wrap jump standards from both sides, front cross, and forward sends.

Prerequisites:  Foundations for Agility or equivalent.  Dogs must be at least 1 year old

All classes involve wait time until it is your turn to run your dog.  You must bring a crate to agility class so your dog can learn to wait calmly and quietly.

Prerequisite: Foundations for Agility (or comparable course at another club, with approval), Crating your dog between exercises is necessary

Maximum class size: 8 dogs.

Agility students will be expected to comply with rules set by AKC, see the AKC handbook for reference. Section 9. Collars. At the handler’s option, dogs may run a course with or without a collar. The only collars allowed when running a course are flat buckle or rolled leather collars, but there shall be no attachments hanging or otherwise allowed on the collar. This shall not preclude painted or stitched designs or information on the collar. Dog’s names and/or identifying information may appear on the collar. No title, awards, or advertising may appear on the collar. Dogs may be brought to the start line on slip leads, choke chains, body harnesses, head halters or other collars that are permitted on the trial grounds. Pinch/prong and electrical collars (dummy or not), and special training collars are not allowed anywhere on the trial grounds.Additionally we will follow the AKC policy of no harsh treatment of dogs: Section 6. Exusuals. Handler continuously or conspicuously leads the dog through the course (excessive handling), uses harsh commands, or corrections. Including: Unsportsmanlike conduct.Handlers are expected to treat their dogs, instructors, other students, and themselves with respect and kindness. This will be a positive reinforcement environment.