Introduction to Agility Weaves
This short course will introduce inexperienced agility handlers and their dogs to weave poles and weaving.  Based on the Susan
Foundation Training for International-Style Handling Skills Workshop
Have you watched handlers running Premier and International-style courses and thought those fancy-looking skills looked fun? Would you like to
Agility Jumpers
An opportunity to work agility outdoors, with a focus on short jumpers sequences. Students will help set up and take
Agility Prep - Offered Winter and Summer Session
In this agility foundations course, you will begin to build a positive working relationship with your dog that will make
Advanced Agility - offered Spring and Fall
Teams in Advanced Agility are preparing to trial or enter AKC ACT events. Dogs must be skilled on all obstacles
Agility 1 - Offered Spring and Fall Sessions
Agility 1 continues working on obstacle performance & handling skills, along with communication between dog and handler. Dogs need to
Agility 2 - Offered Winter and Summer Session
Agility 2 is for dogs who have mastered Agility 1, are comfortable performing most obstacles, and can confidently work off-lead
Agility 3 - Offered Spring and Fall Sessions
Agility 3 builds on the skills obtained in Agility 2. Advanced handling skills, speed, distance, and longer sequences are emphasized.
Agility 4 - Offered Winter and Summer Sessions
Agility 4 is for teams who are preparing for matches. Dogs should be able to perform all contact obstacles at
Competition Agility
Competition Agility is for teams who are competing in agility or ready to compete. This class focuses on handling strategies

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