The energy and excitement at DTCCU this weekend were phenomenal as obedience trainers from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Missouri spent 14 hours of active learning with Matthew Twitty from Lakeland, FL.  The focus of the weekend was “How to Heal Your Heeling” on Saturday and “Proofing” on Sunday.  Lecture time and notetaking were part of the scene with active learning on the matting, for working spot and auditing participants, the bulk of our time together.
Comments from the seminar include:
“Huge thanks to DTCCU for hosting an AWESOME Twitty seminar!  What a great bunch of canines and their human partners.  You would be hard-pressed to find a friendlier group of folks/dogs.  As always, the facility was top-notch!!”  Julie – Shellsburg, Iowa
“I love coming down for the Rally trials and this was a great seminar.  I’ve found that most of what is offered when attending agility seminars is useless if you’re not running a “typical” agility breed but Matt’s presentation was spot on for all dogs. Since I’m just starting my journey with my new pup, Coal, it was a great reminder of some things and great new information.  Ralphie says he promises to try to do articles again using Matt’s suggestion. HA! I still can’t believe I have NEVER thought to offer treats with both hands and no one has EVER advised this before in almost 30 years of obedience!!!  DOH!”  Barb – Rolling Meadows, IL

“The seminar was amazing – I learned so much and am so excited about implementing the information! Huge thank you to DTCCU and everyone who made the weekend possible!”   Danielle – Tremont, IL

“The seminar was awesome. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and definitely pushed Parker out of hers. I learned so much about my body language but more about my dog’s body language. We have lots of holes to fix but now I have the right tools to work with! Thank you DTCCU for putting on a wonderful weekend! Can’t wait to come back to your club.”  Lin – Rolling Meadows, IL

We are Team Ivan! (Belgian Sheepdog), who is 1-1/2 years old. Thought this was one of the best seminars I’ve been to…SO much jammed into 2 days…can’t wait to work in all the ideas. Ivan loved it, too. And what a fun bunch of people and dogs.  Time went by too fast :)”  Angela – Verona, IL
I audited the class which was good because I was not distracted by my border terrier mix (Amber) being along with me and instead I was focusing on the mechanics.  As a result, I’m now trying some of the things that I’ve learned here at home.  We just achieved our BN-A so we are a green team.  So far I’m a dumbbell with dumbells.  The cheese bit isn’t working but it’s only been one day.  Some of the corrections that you made with your dogs seem undetected by me.  Forged, bump, reigning, articles and proofing are new words to me in this context for dogs.   This was a lot to handle.  I’d be happy just to see Amber do something close to the behaviors ya’ll rejected as “not perfect”.”  Rose – Chatham, IL
“This place (DTCCU) is AMAZING!  It has Christmas trees growing right here!”  Avery – Age 6, Lakeland, FL

Huge THANK YOU to pre-seminar cleaners Bill Davis, Linda Glynn, and Charlotte Craft.  Post-seminar cleaners Denise Langendorf, Janice Kozak, Bill Davis, Linda Glynn, and Joyce Latham.  Food shopping and delivery provided by Bill Davis.
This seminar is on the books and left a favorable impression indeed!  Matt’s family traveled with him and enjoyed the area very much too.  A good time, and lots of learning, was had by all.
Next stop…..obedience trials in two weeks!
Mary F. Davis

Matthew Twitty Seminar Notes