Champaign-Urbana's dog training center

Get Involved

There are so many ways to get involved at DTCCU, we hope you’ll find the ways that you enjoy most and stay active as a member!  Here are just a few ways to participate:

  • Attend monthly club meetings (and recommend a guest speaker or interesting topic for a future meeting)
  • Attend a Board meeting (all members are welcome!)
  • Take training classes.  Try something new!
  • Participate in an agility, obedience, rally, or tracking event
  • Better yet, volunteer to help out with one of those events!  There are plenty of jobs that require no prior experience or knowledge!  Here are some handy PDFs:
  • Attend a seminar or workshop
  • Volunteer to help with the quarterly CGC test
  • Volunteer to assist with a class, or teach a class once you have assisted and have the skills required
  • Volunteer to help with landscaping tasks such as weeding flowerbeds and pruning trees
  • There are several volunteer positions that keep our club running smoothly, you can find the list HERE.  Help out in an area the interests you!
  • Encourage a fellow member, make a new friend!