I used to be an equine professional training horses in dressage and show jumping as well as giving lessons for 20 years. In 2008 I started training my late Jack Russell Terrier, Nico, in dog sports. Nico competed in agility, and barn hunt. He was a very reactive dog which made me seek out behavior and training techniques for dogs with reactivity or environmental sensitivities. I started attending seminars from Patricia McConnell, Ian Dunbar, and the wonderful late Sophia Yin. These wonderful behaviorists have created the foundation in my dog training.

I now have an 8-year-old Rat terrier, Zazu, who is environmentally sensitive, but we still compete and are successful in NACSW / CWAGS Nose work and CPE agility. I also own two German shorthaired pointers. One is 3years old named Gunter and the other is 2 years old named Einstein. They are currently training to compete in agility, nose work, and tracking. All my dogs have passed the CGC and have AKC trick titles. I continue learning with my dogs every day and enjoy passing on the knowledge.

Being a scientist, I use science-based practices proven by research that are 100% positive. I can get a little nerdy behind the why in dog behavior and how dogs learn in class. I teach dogs through games and play.  I love teaching people how to play with, communicate and form a partnership with their dog.