Physical Prerequisites: The goal of this class is to improve the conditioning of dogs who are healthy. Owners of dogs who have been diagnosed with or are suspected of having health or soundness issues should consult their vet prior to signing up for this class.

The class will be focused on conditioning for weaves but will also be helpful for all active dogs since the things we will be working on such as spinal flexibility, front end strength/coordination, hind end awareness, core strength, balance, etc. will support the fitness requirements of any sport.

The exercises can be done in a small amount of space and will help keep dogs involved and fit during a time when many of us still might be stuck at home for various reasons.

Recommended for dogs over 1 year of age, the dogs should be far enough along to have some basic working relationship established and enough control to be able to allow themselves to be placed in a position, climb up on a stationary object and work with the handler through movement.

Class Progression Chart

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