The registration cost for an 8-week class is $120 and the cost for a 4-week class (or workshop) is $60.

International Foundation Part 2 – Fun with ISC*

Date:  Saturday, April 22, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

Length:  Four hours

Cost: $40 for members, $60 for nonmembers

Recommended for: Dogs 1 year and older

Prerequisites: Agility 3 and above, or equivalent. Dogs and handlers should be trained on basic handling such as front crosses, rear crosses and jump wraps. Teams should have a basic understanding of backside sends and blind crosses. 

Course Description:  This workshop is the second of a two-part series. It will give developing teams a chance to test skills worked on in Young Dogs International Part 1 Workshop, April 8.

Teams will have a chance to try out a fun course section based on a classic, AKC ISC course. It was designed by Central Illinois AKC Agility Judge, Lisa Potts. The course will be simplified to help developing teams be successful. 

The course will have a challenge section that will feature a 270 turn, backside blind and a blind cross. Teams will also explore alternative handling using rear and front crosses.

The challenge section will be followed by a more straightforward section that will allow dogs to open up and run. 

Teams will have the chance to build proficiency on the featured skills in Young Dogs International Foundation Part 1 This workshop is scheduled for April 22. 

It’s fine to sign up for this course if you aren’t able to join Part 1 of this series.

Number of participants limited to 6.

What is ISC*?

International Sweepstakes Class (ISC) a non-regular class providing a dog and handler an opportunity to demonstrate their advanced training and handling skills on various international style Standard and Jumpers With Weaves courses.

Students need to bring:

  • Collar and lead
  • High value treats cut into very small bits – Such as steak, cheese, liver, etc.
  • Your dog’s favorite, motivating toys.
  • A crate cover and a chewie or other toy/s to help your pup relax when not working.