Young Dog International Foundations – Driving through Turns

Instructor: Barbara Scanlan

Date:  November 26, 2022, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Length:  Four hours

Recommended for: Dogs 8 months and older


  1. Puppy Elementary (or equivalent) or graduate of Young Dogs Workshop 1 or 2 for puppies less than one year. OR instructor permission OR recommendation from another instructor based on puppy’s readiness and prior training. CGC for dogs older than 1 year. 
  2. Dogs do not need to be jumping, but should be working short agility sequences.
  3. Should be able to run a straight tunnel and be confidently wrapping cones and/or wings.
  4. NOTE: No contacts or weaves will be used at this workshop. Jumps will be used but can be set low or bars removed, depending on needs of the dog.

Course Description:  This workshop will let dogs learn to transition from running fast (extension) to making turns (collection). Teams will learn a commonly used international turn (backside wrap) with lots of opportunity to stretch out and run. 

Handlers will practice techniques to cue their dogs to initiate turns from speed safely and effectively. They will learn about a handling technique that can help you cue turns more intuitively so that you can get your dog the timely information they need to run their best.

Number of participants limited to 6.

Students need to bring:

  • Collar and lead
  • High value treats cut into very small bits – Such as steak, cheese, liver, etc.
  • Your dog’s favorite toys. Ideally one that can throw and/or tugged.
  • Food stuffable toy (if your dog is food motivated). An old sock is an option. 
  • A crate cover and a chewie or other toy/s to help your pup relax when not working.

Good options for motivating toys can be found at:

Curriculum Outline:

Course challenges will include:

  • Backside wrap
  • Building distance and connection between tunnels
  • Cuing collection before a turn
  • Cuing a 180 degree turn to a wrap
  • Building distance on pinwheel handling

We will work a course in three sections. Participants will have an opportunity to run the whole course at the end of class. 

Because there may be a range of skill levels among the different teams, not all teams may be able to work all of the challenges. Instruction will be adapted to the level that is needed by the individual team.