Intro to Layering Part 3

4-hour workshop

$40 for members or 1 class card

$80 for non-members

Intro to Layering Part 3: Learning to Fly

This course is a continuation of the summer session’s Layering Part 1 & 2 Workshops. This session features concepts by Portuguese world-level handler and judge, ZsuZsa Veres. We’ll explore concepts influencing world and USA course designs and handling.

Can my dog do this?

If you’ve taken the previous Intro to Layering Workshops, or your dog has a basic understanding of distance handling (such as FAST class), you should feel ready to attend this class.

Performance Bonus: Teams who attended the summer layering workshops report training layering has also increased their dog’s confidence and speed. 

This layering series was specially developed with the needs of our more handler-focused and less confident dogs in mind. I’ve had them too, and I want to help your dog also learn how to use its “wings” and “fly”

Prerequisite: Contact obstacles may be involved in this training. Teams should be used to working with control around full-height contact equipment and be able to perform predictably and safely on all equipment. They should be able to drive to a remote target and have a good start line and recall. 

Participation is open to all teams that participated in this summer’s Layering Part 1 and/or Part 2 workshops at DTCCU.