The registration cost for an 8-week class is $120 and the cost for a 4-week class (or workshop) is $60.

Foundation Training for International-Style Handling Skills Workshop

Have you watched handlers running Premier and International-style courses and thought those fancy-looking skills looked fun? Would you like to try?

Take your first steps with this four hour Workshop. It will take you through the foundation steps to three key skills that lead to advanced-level handling: 

  • Backside send
  • Blind cross
  • Convergent lines

We will begin training each skill through small sequences and drills. In our final hour, we will run a Premier-inspired course that includes the skills we’ve learned.

Who should take this class

This class is appropriate to recent graduates of DTCCU Agility 3 and above. You and your dog should have familiarity with common handling skills such as front crosses, rear crosses, lead outs and post turns. Your dog should be able to maintain control and focus in a learning situation.

Young dog teams advancing from basic foundations and teams that are new to Premier and International-style handling skills are a great fit!

The course will include a set of 12 weaves poles. Teams can choose whether or not to run them depending on their readiness.

Note to advanced teams

This course is not primarily designed for teams with established high level handling skills. However, these teams may find the class useful for refining and reinforcing existing skills in a small sequence format.

Contact Barbara Scanlan if you have questions about whether this class is a good fit for your team.