Competition Agility is for teams who are competing in agility or ready to compete. Class members take turns being responsible for presenting a course or exercise to the class (for example: courses or parts of courses you’ve run but couldn’t conquer, exercises from Clean Run or other publications, etc.). The members of the class work as a group to figure out handling strategies, help each other work through challenges, etc. From time to time the club may bring in guest instructors. [Note: Drop-ins when a guest instructor is leading the class are not allowed, though people may audit with permission of the class leader & guest instructor].

If students in Competition class are not able to attend a particular class meeting, they are encouraged to let the class leader know as far in advance as is possible and the leader will contact people on the wait-list to see if they would like to attend, rotating through the wait-list throughout the session.

If the class is split into 2 groups, handlers with 2 dogs at this level may have 1 dog in each group. Maximum class size: 10; if larger, the class may be split into 2 groups that will alternate weeks. Course fee & length: TBD by class size.

Class Progression Chart

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