The registration cost for an 8-week class is $120 and the cost for a 4-week class (or workshop) is $60.

Competition Agility is for teams who are competing in agility or ready to compete. This class focuses on handling strategies and course analysis. While we will break down sequences as necessary, no remedial work on obstacle performance will take place in class.

Students are expected to help set-up and breakdown for class.  If students are not able to attend a particular class meeting, they are encouraged to let the class leader know as far in advance as is possible and the leader will contact people on the wait-list to see if they would like to attend, rotating through the wait-list throughout the session. 

Maximum class size: 10; if significantly larger, the class may be split into 2 groups that will alternate weeks. If the class is split into 2 groups, handlers with 2 dogs at this level may have 1 dog in each group.