Champaign-Urbana's dog training center

Course Schedules

2020 Session Dates

  • Winter session: orientation January 9, classes January 12-March 5
    • AM CGC Test March 3, PM CGC test Postponed, Date TBD
  • Spring session: Postponed, TBD orientation April 2, classes April 5 – May 29
    • AM CGC test-May 26, PM CGC Test-June 3
  • Summer session: orientation June 18, classes June 21-August 13
    • CGC test-August 19
  • Fall session: orientation September 10, classes Sept. 13-November 5
    • CGC test-November 11

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 Please be advised that the DTCCU has policies in place regarding aggressive dogs in classes. In general, dogs which present a distraction and/or threat to the rest of the class may be dismissed at the discretion of the instructor or Director of Training. We encourage the owners of such dogs to seek private lessons and work through the issues before returning to the class setting.

Instructors are required to report all unusual incidents, including but not limited to accidents on DTCCU property, aggressive dogs, and abusive treatment by trainers on club grounds, using the Incident Report form.

To access the policy and the report form, please see this link: Aggressive Dog Policy and Incident Report Form.

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