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TD/TDX Test 12/6/15 Results Wrap-Up

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The Dog Training Club of C-U was the sponsor of another successful tracking event last weekend, December 6, 2015.  Chair, Jenna Ziedler did a wonderful job of organizing the 4 dog TD/4 dog TDX test with the help of many DTCCU members… Head tracklayer, Cathy Greenfield with her crew of  tracklayers: Jeanine Craig, Marcie Ridgway, Linda Sorak, Janice Kozak, Pat Reynolds and Tracy Jobe; and Hospitality Chair, Lisa Ochoa.
We had to deal with fog on Friday night causing our judge, Sally Nesbitt to be stranded in Chicago.  She was a trouper to get up and take a 6:30 am bus to Champaign and then was whisked to the tracking site by Larry Craig.  Tracklaying was delayed a bit on Saturday morning due to the lingering fog but we got the tracks plotted before dusk.
Sunday morning we woke to a heavy frost causing the sighting to be difficult during tracklaying but our great people got all of the tracks in perfectly.  The sun came out and the day was beautiful for the dogs.  We enjoyed watching 4 good dogs try for their TD title and all could have done it that day except for one mistake.  They will be successful soon.
We then started running the Tracking Dog Excellent level dogs.  Again, the first dog made one mistake causing the team to fail and then ran a perfect track.  The second team to run was our highlight of the day!  Our own Marian Stone and 10 year old Border Collie “Blast” worked as a well oiled team to find the final article and earn the TDX title.  It was thrilling to watch.  Congratulations Marian!  Our final two dogs had critter problems and didn’t make it through but showed some real promise.
We retired to the warm and cozy headquarters building to the smell of Lisa’s fabulous lunch.
Many of our volunteers did double or triple duty to pull off the manpower laden event.  Thanks so much to all of you who helped.  It is a truly dedicated bunch of folks and I am honored to be a part of the group.
Mark your calendar for our spring test at Parkland College – April 2nd for plotting and April 3rd for the test.  We will have our first Tracking Dog Urban level test along with our annual Variable Surface tracking.  Lisa Pellum will be our fearless leader and would be glad to take early volunteers.
Thank you DTCCU for your support of AKC dog tracking!
Carol Ruthenberg