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Daisy Peel On-line Agility Class

By on Jul 15, 2014 in Special Classes |

This class will follow the Daisy Peel monthly agility lessons.

Each week there is a short course together with three proposed running sequences.
For each of the sequences Daisy provides two videos:
(1) an analysis of various possible ways to handle parts of the course and
(2) demonstrations of how she and one of her dogs run the suggested strategies described in the analysis.

Because we are using materials prepared by Daisy, class participation requires registration for the online class.
There are three levels to register for the online course.
Observer $49 — access to the materials
Spectator $89 — access to materials + ability to ask Daisy questions on line
Participant $129 — access to materials + ability to ask Daisy questions on line + send her videos of your runs

In addition to the cost to access the online materials, you must also register for the class and pay the DTCCU course fee.

Background in Awesome Paws Handling strongly recommended:
Daisy Peel trained with Linda Mecklenberg who developed the Awesome Paws handling method so all of the sessions are based on this handling style. The book that outlines the basics of this approach can be seen by  following this link.

Class size:
Maximum 5 dogs

To read more about Daisy and the online classroom go to her website and click the last tab on the top.: