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CGC Refresher

Prerequisite: Home Companion Course or Instructor approval

Maximum class size: 10 dogs

This refresher course is for those who wish to take the CGC test but need additional ring time. It is for dogs/handlers who have already completed the DTCCU Home Companion course or are familiar with all CGC exercises based on prior training (with instructor approval).  The focus will not be on learning the exercises but on practicing them and improving the dogs/handler performance. Particular attention will be given to controlled walking, recalls, dog-greet-dog, sits, downs and stay. The last class will be devoted to practicing the full test.

Preparation for Pet Therapy

Maximum class size: 8 dogs

This short course will focus on preparing dogs and handlers to participate in therapy dog work. We will concentrate on mastering the exercises necessary to pass TDI’s or Delta’s tests for therapy dogs. We will also work on enhancing our understanding of dog behavior and learning, improving the dog/handler relationship, and developing skills for various therapeutic settings. We are hoping to attract teams who have a sincere desire to be active participants in therapy dog work in their communities. Dogs must be at least one year old, have lived with the handler at least 6 months, have their CGC or the equivalent, and be reliably non-threatening around strangers and other dogs. Human students will be asked to assist in both the classes and the testing process. Note: Part of each class will require the dogs to maintain a long down (15-20 minutes) while the class talks.

AKC Community Canine (CGCA) Prep

Prerequisite: Dog must have CGC to test for CGCA The goal of this CGC Community class is to prepare dog and handler teams to test for the AKC Community Canine, the advanced level of the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen Program. Classes will be held at locations other than the training building in order to prepare teams for real life situations. Passing the AKC CGC is a requirement if pursuing the CGC-A Title or Certificate and dogs taking the class should already have a CGC title.

Intro to Competition Rally

Prerequisite: Beginner Novice/rally Skills combo class or Rally Skills class or instructor’s approval

Maximum class size: 8 dogs

Using both short sequences of signs and full courses, this course will introduce all AKC and World Cynosport Rally signs to prepare you for the first level of competition. Handlers will learn how the exercises are preformed and scored, how to effectively walk courses and have their questions answered about entering their first trial.

Advanced Competition Rally

Prerequisite: Dog must be working at AKC Advanced or WCRL Level 2

Maximum class size: 8 dogs

Ready to run complete courses in AKC Advanced/Excellent and WCRL Rally Level 2 & 3?  We will set up two full courses each week for you to run through, offering assistance and suggestions.  Great preparation for upcoming trials!

Circus Dog Tricks Class

Prerequisite: dog must have passed CGC

Maximum class size: 8 dogs

Turn your dog into a circus dog!   Dogs will spin, weave through handler’s legs, circle a cone, moonwalk, jump through hoops and more!  We’ll put these tricks together into sequences or performances. And tricks aren’t just for silly fun, many “tricks” transition into useful movements for competitive obedience: spinning and backing for maneuvering in heel position, pivots and finishes, platforms for rear-end awareness and go-outs, circling a cone for broad jump and directed jumping!

Clicker Retrieve

Prerequisite: dog must have passed CGC

Maximum class size: 8 dogs

Any dog can retrieve! Using a clicker is a force-free way to motivate even the most reticent of retrievers. Learn the basics of using a clicker and how to apply it to the retrieve exercise. Applicable to obedience, rally, field work and owners that just want to play fetch with their dogs! Bring an item to retrieve (does not need to be a dumbbell, but can be), a clicker and plenty of small tasty treats.

All about Attention

Prereq: Subnovice

Maximum class size: 10

Attention is key not only for a beautiful performance in the ring, but it is also the foundation to all obedience training. At the same time teaching attention is often a frustrating and neglected element of dog training. If you don’t have good attention from your dog, all your exercises will suffer, no matter what stage of training you are at. This class is suitable for dogs and handlers at any stage in their obedience training post sub-novice. Strategies for achieving and maintaining attention from your dogs will be discussed and practiced in the context of different obedience exercises including, but not limited to; heeling, finishes, and signals.

The Art of Heeling

Maximum class size: 8

Prerequisite Sub Novice

This class is for dogs who don’t yet know how to heel. This class will be on leash.

This class will cover all aspects of heeling needed for competition. The technique used will be to teach heeling via a pocket hand (if there are any small / short dogs registered for the class we will also teach a body triangle). We will also teach how to fade a pocket hand. We will teach body awareness and turns using the bowl technique. We will teach both stationary and moving attention. We will teach a tuck sit, heel starts, and pace changes. We will also talk about motivation while heeling, rewarding, corrections, and proper handling. At the end of this class you will have all the tools that you need to use and practice to attain nice and polished heeling in the ring.

Advanced Heeling/Off-leash Heeling

This class is for dogs who know how to heel but are having trouble making the transition to off-leash heeling or need polishing of aspects of their heeling. This class will be on leash and off-leash.

The focus of this class will be determined by the level of the participants. In the past we have focused a lot on attention, footwork, and motivation while heeling, but that may change depending on the needs of the students and dogs. The final goal of this class is to be able to heel for 3 minutes on leash, take a short play break (no food or toys), and then heel for 3 minutes off leash, all without food, toys, corrections, or verbal praise. Try this at home, if your dog can do this already in a way you are happy with, this class is not for you. If your dog can’t do it or you are running into some problems that you don’t know how to solve, than this is the right class.

Retrieving Concepts

This course will be a mixture of seminar and workshop, open to dogs of all ages and levels of training. Topics presented will include how to encourage retrieving behavior in puppies, the concept of backward chaining as it applies to a formal obedience retrieve, how to increase drive for retrieving, and problem solving. All course exercises will be motivational in nature. It is recommended that dogs be crated during class when they are not actually working, so be prepared to crate your dog. Please bring the following items to class: A hungry dog, collar (preferably a flat collar), lead and dumbbell (if you have one).

Ring Ready?

The missing link between training and trialing

Maximum class size: 10

Prerequisite: Novice Class

Does your dog work great in training but when you walk into the ring at a trial everything changes? Does your dog deflate? Lose attention? Has no energy? Looks confused about the exercises? Sound familiar … than this class is for you! This class fills in the missing pieces between training and trialing. This class will be taught by Julie Collins who has over 10 years of experience competing in obedience, earning multiple HITs along the way. Julie will share many tips and techniques to get your dog truly Ring Ready.

Agility FAST

Prerequisite: Dog must be comfortable on all agility equipment.

Maximum class size: 8 dogs

This class will cover rules, strategies, and distance skills needed to qualify or win in the AKC F.A.S.T class. FAST is a point-accumulation agility game with an on-course distance (send) element. This class will allow teams lots of practice on different types of “Bonus” setups.

AKC Freestyle Teamwork Intro

Prerequisite: Sub-Novice Class, but some rally or obedience knowledge is needed as we will assume that the dog and handler have most if not all skills needed for level 1 Freestyle Teamwork.

This will be a group exploration of this new sport, so it will be a bit free-form as we try out different styles of heeling, spins, retrieves, distance moves and tricks and how to transition between all of these elements. This class will not teach skills like retrieve or basic heeling, we will instead be learning how to use these skills to create a fun and unique routine for each dog.

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