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Flyball is a fast paced, exciting team, dog sport. Four dogs compete on a team, relay style retrieving tennis balls from a spring-loaded flyball box. Races are run head to head against another line-up of four dogs on an opposing team. For more information about flyball racing, you can visit

Participants will learn the flyball pattern from start to finish. The end goal will be a dog that is able to compete in local tournaments and perform at local demos. Classes will be run in a drop-in format, participants will work at their own level and progress as they master individual skills from week to week. We will break down the different skills involved and teach them individually. When a dog is successfully completing all skills individually, the skills are then combined. By breaking down the game, we can achieve success in small exercises and create a positive, successful learning environment as we progress from beginner to seasoned competitor.
Each participant will come in and work multiple times during a class. The format will be very similar to a flyball team practice, dogs at many different skill levels will all work on in turn. By participating in the entire practice, handlers get the opportunity to see dogs at different levels in their training. Handlers also get valuable hands-on experience. It takes a team to build a successful flyball dog.

Any dog can play in flyball, both pure bred and mixed breed dogs are successful.

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